Caravan Upgrades: Choosing an Awning for Your Motorhome


If you are thinking about expanding your caravan space, you should consider investing in an awning. In general, modern caravans are spacious and well-fitted with amenities. However, the interior space can get crowded when travelling with family and friends. Moreover, one can get uncomfortable when the weather is hot. Awnings will provide extra camping space while allowing you to relax in the shade. If you are purchasing an awning for the first time, consider these outlined factors for ideal selection. 

Awning Design

You should evaluate and compare the different canopy designs in the market before purchasing your product. This factor will determine the utility of the caravan accessory. If you are only interested in outdoor shade, you can choose a sunroof. This design consists of a simple shading roof which is supported by two posts and the motorhome. If you would like more utility for camping, consider obtaining the traditional awning which has three walls to cover the sides in addition to the roof. Also, you can choose a freestanding canopy for complete flexibility of this upgrade. This design does not rely on support from the caravan. So, the structure can be moved as necessary.

Spatial Requirements

Caravan awnings are available in different sizes to match the needs of diverse users. You should think about this aspect before you acquire the shade structure so that you can ensure maximum utility. When choosing the right awning size, you should evaluate the number of users as well as the potential usage. However, you should not get overzealous and purchase a larger than necessary awning. Make sure that you consider the compatibility with your caravan. In simple terms, you should make sure that the dimensions match the size of the motorhome. After all, one side of the awning must be attached to the vehicle unless you choose a freestanding shading product.

Awning Material

Finally, you should select the right material for your awnings. There is no perfect fabric, so you will need to find what matches your budget and functional needs. Lightweight materials such as polyester are ideal because they can be installed quickly, and they tend to dry fast after rain. On the other hand, heavier fabrics like acrylic are more durable, and they provide better protection against ultraviolet radiation and rainfall. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of the options before selection. 

If you are uncertain about the right awning for your caravan or camper trailer, you should make inquiries about the best products from camping supplies provider. For more information, contact a business such as Austrack Campers.


25 September 2017

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